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Teaching Children and Adults to Swim Since 1893


MASC Badge Nights

Badges are available for a wide range of abilities to provide a sense of achievement for the children.

There are Badges available to swim for from 1 length to 2 miles.

Gala Nights

We hold 3 galas every year and have the honour to host the towns official swimming champions races.

Races are from 1 width for beginners through 25m, 50m amd 100m for more advanced swimmer.

These nights are always great fun and include family and workplace relays races. M

edals and Trophies are presented to both Chidren and Adults.

Upcoming events

Gala Dates:

 26th March - Gala night 

Last Entry Tuesday 19thMarch.

Get a workforce team together of 4.

125 years Celebration -TBA

Badge Nights: -TBA